Monday, October 25, 2010

quick update

Well after writing the post below I felt i might aswell give a quick update, mainly regarding the patch.

Currently i am sitting at 45k gold. Making 15k aprox form the glyphstorm of 4.0
My druid hit 80 (a long time ago) and is now fully i232 geared (heroics before patch 4.0)
My Druid was the only one to get a mount durring brewfest (ram) priest already has both rams (100% and the now unobtainable 60%)
My Druid has also reciently got the headlis horsmasn reigns.
My Druid also on his first Solo of Anzu got Ravin Lord aswell.
*(Anzu now spawns, you do NOT need a druid to summon, FARM HIM)

And the BEST change of 4.0 is that all 60% mounts now travel at 100% speed :)
why you ask?

No longer need to ride my 'cock' about, can use my tiger as a real mount and no longer consider it as just "art work".

Lament of the Highborne; A story of failure, betrayal and redemption.

This post is inteended for Marko's blog fair, i felt with the topic on hand, it would be stupid not to share this recient experence.

So first the background, as i have not been posting (school exams is my excuse, but really i have lost interest (for the time being) in full on gold making).

Last month it seamed that many a shadowmourne was created, with the top horde guild deciding to sell the new shadowmorn items, as they have done with all raid required loot/titles/achivments/mounts. To "fund" their guild. Anyway at first prices were over the 100k mark per item, but soon fell, mainly because of 5k undercuts between the three people that had the new obtainable mount ( I decided to buy one when i saw the price flatten, i first thought i would use it but then decided to flip it and if that failed, just hold onto it, "mid cata" was my plan.

But two more items entered the mix, the Music box and Locket, i really had wanted the Music box from the moment of hearing of it. It reminded me of the first time i saw Sylvanas, her laying down herl ocket and it singing Lament of the Highborne.

If anything watch this video to understand:
So anyway I decided, that since i had an offer at the price i had bought it at, i would sell to then buy the Music box. I excitedly sent away the CoD and went to bed.

The next morning...

I lowered my head in shame, I had laughed before at those who had had this misforunte while sending things to myself. I instantly knew that there was nothing I could do and on wispering the fella that I had sold to, I found myself ignored. All i could do I relised, was open ticket, beliving that in the smallest of chances I could somehow get my money back, I might aswell try.

It took one day for my ticket to have the "soon" tag under it, but it lay unanswered. I deicded with the money I did have, I would spent it all on the Music Box. I spent 20k on it, and was very pleased.

Eight painful days of waiting later.

(The email picture didn't size well and was replaced here)
And because no one likes painfuly looking at an image to use a link:

I for those that can't be bothered taking a link, here is the main part that i fell (in this case) under:

Virtual property lost due to user error

If we can verify that your loss of virtual property was the direct result of:

*Accidental deletion (characters, items, and in-game currency).
*Accidental sale to a vendor.
*Falling victim to a scam (please refer to our Scam Policy at for further details on scams). Any other user error.
We will attempt to restore the virtual property.
We reserve the right to refuse restoration if we feel an excessive number of requests have been made in this particular category or if an undue amount of time has passed since the item or character was lost. We do not wish to encourage career victims, nor will we penalize players who legitimately make the occasional slip-up. Although we understand that the occasional mistake can be made, please be aware that restorations are limited, not guaranteed, and are at the sole discretion of Blizzard Entertainment
If your particular case fits any of the above criteria, you may be eligible to receive assistance with the recovery of your lost goods. Due to many variables with investigating these claims, your reimbursement, if approved, may not be immediate. Keep in mind that a player and the account registered to him/her will be permitted a limited number of instances in which the GM staff will assist with property recovery. While we can restore items with random modifiers (of the Bear, of the Eagle, etc.), we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same modifier you had on your original item. We are also unable to restore enchantments or add-ons that these items may have possessed.

There is more and I do suggest reading the rest, do note that this for me, counted as one of my resets:

I was scammed again! Can you help me?
While we will make every effort to assist players in need, we want players to learn from their mistakes and take measures to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated. In this way, we prevent players from becoming career victims and utilizing the GM Staff as a crutch or shield against scammers. To this end, players will only be allowed a certain number of item restorations, including those lost to scams and guild bank theft.

Now I feel that of all the mistakes i have ever made in this game, for the four years i have been playing, that this was the worse, but fortunatly all ended well:

Oh and finaly, don't fall for scams I got a bit of a fright when I saw this, a very cleaver crafted fake:

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where I stand.

Currently I am not playing a lot of wow and the time I so spend is just casually leveling my Druid (66 atm and 430 leather working).

Mainly iv been taking a break from wow, but now (mock) exams have rolled up so I'm going to be focusing on them.

I'm not sure when I will be back to gold making, but I will be back at some-point so stay tuned.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Has blizzard killed incription

Got busy with life.

Anyway I read that in cata that people now need to buy glyphs once and then you can just cycle between them, has this just killed incription or at least to the point of the glyph market. I am not sure what to think at this stage, it could cause many to switch before cata, this may leave gaps. It also may be a sign that bliz is looking into how gold is made and how to stop our cash cows, this makes me feel I shouldent go for world firsts and sort. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Your right but your wrong

Galvon your right, gold has no worth but your wrong. You may have no need for gold but that's because you are in the 1% of players that are gold capted (or have been) and know ways to make gold. You may not need gold but others 'do'. People who see everyone else on their epic flyers and mamoths are the ones who 'need' gold. The people who can't meet their repairs are the ones who need gold, or the leveling newbie that decideds that they need the cool thing on the AH.

You see things from your tower of gold like scrouge duck. You must remember that you are not like the avrage Jo, you have an economic background and weigh an epic flyer as useliss since you still can't make the flight time. Because of what you belive is helpful to your project and what is not, you have given a gain level to everything, you must consider you have excess gold for your 'needs' of repairs, food and drink and at that a big excess.

The avrage Jo wants what he dosn't have. Epic flyer, mamoth, chopper, epic loots, vanity items and rare pets. They don't have gold for this, these are the people that belive that gold has worth, because to them it dose. A true and clear example of this is the fact that I was able to pay in gold for play time via RaF people are willing to pay real money for gold. It must have some worth to someone.


In me related news I sold my rooster for 52k on the AH, 49.5k in the hand from that very glad. Got alot of hate for spaming to sell it but it was worth it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Im broke.

Im owning 2k gold to a guildy, hence i totaly bust. But it was worth it by far:

Yesterday i got my guildy to RaF (recruit a friend) with me, i recurited him. He bought the game + 2 months of gametime and i recived the new x-53 rocket + one months play time!

Now i made sure i left a buffer of 10k for me to be safe, if anything unexpected pop'd up, well it did.

Mannage to snag this rooster for 13k! Totaly going to resell for 50-75k is my aim, there going to be someone that wants one (like myself) that will pay top gold. The comment i made is a lie, he was getting bigger offers so i decided to pull some heart strings.
Now im not sure if i was unclear about my chopper last post but i only paid 14.2k for the chopper and another 7.5k for my celestial steed + lil XT pet.
My future plan is not to stockpile anymore gold, iv got every thing i want. Now im happy, the gold i make will be used to stockpile things to sell in Cata.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What 20k buys

Well I blew another 20k. I bought a Hog, one thing I'd never thought I'd do but decided that I wanted it. I also got a guildmate to buy me the celestial mount code. So this adds to my collection.

The main reason I spent this much was I hit 50k after pullin in another 15k from lockbox's a total of about 28k. I decided that all that time in scholomance was going to get me somthing.