Monday, October 25, 2010

quick update

Well after writing the post below I felt i might aswell give a quick update, mainly regarding the patch.

Currently i am sitting at 45k gold. Making 15k aprox form the glyphstorm of 4.0
My druid hit 80 (a long time ago) and is now fully i232 geared (heroics before patch 4.0)
My Druid was the only one to get a mount durring brewfest (ram) priest already has both rams (100% and the now unobtainable 60%)
My Druid has also reciently got the headlis horsmasn reigns.
My Druid also on his first Solo of Anzu got Ravin Lord aswell.
*(Anzu now spawns, you do NOT need a druid to summon, FARM HIM)

And the BEST change of 4.0 is that all 60% mounts now travel at 100% speed :)
why you ask?

No longer need to ride my 'cock' about, can use my tiger as a real mount and no longer consider it as just "art work".

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